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There are a wide range of shops and services available to customers, and we outline them below. In addition to the stores and businesses we have general services to suit your needs: security, kiosk, on-site doctors, daycare, and valet parking. We believe that your comfort and convenience are of the utmost importance to all of our customers and clients.

Books, Cards & Stationery

There are a number of shops that sell books, magazines, comics and graphic novels, office supplies, cards, lifestyle gifts, and so on. Electronics & Entertainment If you are shopping for electronics such as home entertainment systems (TVs, sound systems, DVD/Blu Ray players, etc), computers and accessories, music and music equipment, DVDs or Blu Rays of movies and TV shows, as well as photography and video recording hardware and software, we have many general and specialized stores.

Fashion & Accessories

For men and women, adult and children, there are clothing, fashion, and accessory stores of all kinds. From basic footwear, to popular brands for general clothing, to high end and specialized stores for fashion accessories such as bags, watches, and more.


We also have some stores specializing in selling footwear of all kinds, from running shoes to sandals, formal/business shoes to high heels, to slippers.

Wellness & Beauty

There are various wellness and beauty salons and stores to browse, from spas and salons that offer various treatment services to shops selling beauty products for all styles and price ranges.

Health Services & Products

For your health and wellness, we have various clinics such as general physicians and walk in doctors, dentistry, eye care for exams and eyewear, dieticians, naturopaths, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapy. There are also stores that sell health-related items such as diet and fitness products and supplements.

Home Renovations

if you're planning to renovate your house, we have shops that sell everything you need to remmodel your kitchen, basement, or bathroom. We also sell roofing replacement materials and everything else you might need to replace your roof.


For jewelry of all kinds, from engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and more. There are a few stores to browse and choose a memorable gift to your loved one or family. Food & Restaurants Lastly, we have grocery stores, health food stores, and restaurants of all kinds from fast food to sit down restaurants. You can get burgers, Chinese food, burritos, sushi, sandwiches, as well as coffee, fruit smoothies, and snacks.
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